Platforms: iOS App, Android App, Web for Admin.

Tech Stack: Native iOS and Android, Angular, PHP and MySQL.


ShearShare’s mission is to empower salon and barbershop owners to monetize their excess space and help licensed professionals find affordable and flexible workspace opportunities. By leveraging technology, ShearShare aims to create a global community that fosters collaboration, sustainability, and success within the beauty and barber industry.


    Space Sharing Platform:

  • ShearShare provides a user-friendly mobile app and web platform where salon and barbershop owners can list their available space.
  • Licensed beauty and barbering professionals can easily discover and book these spaces on a short-term basis, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

    Flexibility for Professionals:

  • Beauty and barbering professionals can access top-notch salon spaces withoutcommitting to long-term leases, allowing them to build their clientele withoutthe traditional overhead costs.

    Revenue Generation for Owners:

  • Salon and barbershop owners can generate revenue by renting out their underutilized chairs or salon suites during idle hours, turning empty spaces into profit centers.

    Community Building:

  • ShearShare goes beyond a transactional platform, fostering a sense of community among beauty and barber professionals. The platform encourages networking, mentorship, and collaboration within the industry.